Wood Flooring is Hypoallergenic Alternative to Carpet

People who suffer from allergies benefit greatly from the advantages of having hardwood flooring over carpets in their home. Wood is considered to be hypoallergenic. The smooth surfaces of wood flooring are easy to keep clean, preventing the collection of dust and particles that can aggravate allergies.  Carpets can harbor dust mites, tiny little creatures that live in carpet and produce hundreds of eggs.  Wood floors don’t harbor dust mites and collect dirt and pollen the way carpeting can do.  This makes them an ideal selection for anyone who has to live with the sneezing, runny nose, and other symptoms commonly associated with having allergies.

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If you’ve been suffering from allergies, minimize your exposure to irritating allergens by eliminating the place where they like to get comfortable and stay for the long-haul: your carpet. Removing carpet and having durable, attractive hardwood flooring installed is possibly the smartest move you can make as someone with allergy issues.  It’s the easiest and simplest way to reduce the level of allergens in your home and keep it low. Dust will have nowhere to go, and pollen will have to move along, because it’s just not safe for them on a beautiful hardwood floor from Hurst Hardwoods.

In addition to being easy to keep clean, another advantage of hardwood flooring comes into play when anything is ever dropped or spilled onto the floor.  Trip over the dog and drop your dinner plate? Uh-oh, that’s unfortunate. The dog is fine, but now there’s food mushed into the carpet, and possibly even tiny pieces of glass that can only be retrieved with the skin of your bare foot. These issues are non-issues when you have hardwood floors – a quick clean up and you’re back in the game!wood flooring ground perspective

While it is still important to clean hardwood flooring regularly, the cleaning will be much more complete and exact with a beautiful hardwood floor from Hurst Hardwoods.  We have over 300,000 square feet of inventory in two locations featuring over 2 name brands and in business since 1992.  Family-owned and operated true wholesalers; we are a nationwide leader in the sale of unfinished hardwood flooring and exotic flooring.

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  1. Jeane Randall says:

    yes, i had my allergies clear up shortly after replacing carpeting with nice new hardwoods. best decision i ever made :)

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