What makes a floor squeak and how can you fix a squeaky floor?

hurt hardwood logoWho likes a squeaky wood floor? I’ve never met any fans. This time of year, though, the creaks and squeaks come out in the haunted houses. If you don’t live in a haunted house, you may be wondering what’s causing that squeak and what you can do about it! Luckily the cause of a squeaky floor or a floor with a “creak” in it is relatively simple. This is usually caused by the wooden board slightly shrinking over time as it dries out completely, which leaves a bit of space around the nail hole. When pressure gets applied by walking feet, the board rubs on the nail and you hear the squeak that wakes house mates up in the middle of the night while you’re trying to sneak around.

How can you fix a squeaky floor? Fixing it is actually really simple. There are some various kits you can buy at the hardware store or order online, but sometimes the simplest solution can be the best one. With no tools needed, a squeaky or creaky floor can be remedied with just a pair of cedar shims, which you can get at the lumber yards or home and hardware stores, and they’re cheap and easy to use with no hand tools being required! You have to identify exactly where the squeak is coming from, which is easy to do with a 2nd person in the basement or crawlspace watching while you walk along the floor and step on the squeaky area(s).

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  1. barbara barnhart says:

    we were flooded out of our home and we had to have it completely redone so in the bathroom we put vinyl over the wood and it really creaks and is getting worse I need a remedy .
    Thank You

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